Huan Xiao Yi (幻晓伊) is a female vocal for the Sharpkey engine developed by Boxstar.

History Edit


On July 21st, 2016, a debut video for the Sharpkey engine and Huan Xiao Yi was released, as well as the first public download of both. [1]

In an interview with VocaloidNewsNetwork, on August 25th, 2016, it was confirmed that both Huan Xiao Yi and Sharpkey were solely developed by Boxstar. It was also confirmed that Boxstar had no plans to create an English translation of the software's GUI, though if he said if romanized pinyin was ever supported he would consider it.[2]

In the same interview both the name interpretation and introduction, as well as some development information, were revealed. Her temporary name during development was 「晴音」 "Clear Sound".

Her voice provider has not been revealed, though it has been confirmed she is not involved in the VOCALOID or UTAU communities at all. [3]

Name InterpretationEdit

幻=Fantasy, 晓=Dawn, 伊=Beauty


"Huan Xiao Yi will be the singer who leads you to the fantasy world of music."

Vocal Edit

Vocal Information
Huan Xiao Yi is the first vocal for the Sharpkey engine, as well as the first female and first Chinese vocal. She currently has 4 pitches
Chinese Notes:
  • Was recorded in this language.
Voice Sample
Huan Xiao Yi

Demos/Samples Edit

Demonstrations and Sound Samples

【新引擎新歌姬】《野子》feat.【Sharpkey—幻晓伊】 bilibili

Trivia Edit

  • She was the first Sharpkey vocal
  • She was the first female vocal
  • She was the first Chinese vocal
  • Her illustrator is MQ, the illustrator of the VOCALOID3 Library YanHe

Gallery Edit

Reference Edit


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