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• 7/26/2018

Canon mentioning Sharpkey recording specifics?

Hi all! First blog/discussion post here I suppose. I follow Canon (Namine Ritsu's voice provider) on Twitter and she mentioned Sharpkey in a Tweet appearing to talk about Sharpkey recording?

It's a rough translation, she also mentions CVVC libraries (I'm assuming that's refering to UTAU) But I'm just wondering if you guys think this might mean something from her?

This is quite coincidental considering recently it's been known that something new with Ritsu has been hinted about on Canon's website: (See the large yellow blank button, it's title is Next.png possibly hinting at a new voicebank)

Also here's a lot of information from her website regarding Sharpkey and a discussion with Boxstar
☆*・゚★カノン★・゚。*・☆ on Twitter
☆*・゚★カノン★・゚。*・☆ on Twitter Twitter
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• 7/28/2018
It's been confirmed Ritsu should be coming to Sharpkey through the SKGalaxy Project
• 7/28/2018
Hi i'm excited for this and future updates!
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